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What is PLENTYMILLIONS™ lottery?

PLENTYMILLIONS™ is a mega jackpot national lottery game licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission in accordance with the National Lottery Act of 2005 as amended.

How much is PLENTYMILLIONS™ jackpot?

PLENTYMILLIONS™ has a starting jackpot of N2,000,000.00. If there is no jackpot winner for a particular draw, the jackpot is increased for the next draw and will continue increasing until it is WON.

What happens if there are more than one jackpot winner?

If more than one player selects all 6 winning numbers for a particular draw, the jackpot will be evenly divided amongst all players with the winning numbers.

What are the other PLENTYMILLIONS™ prizes?

The table below lists estimated PLENTYMILLIONS™ prizes. Prizes are dependent on the player pool and the final prizes will be published after each draw. All prizes are pari-passu.


Amount (N)


Match all 6 balls



Match 5 balls

25,000 to 100,000


Match 4 balls

2,500 to 4,000


Match 3 balls

250 to 300



You can play through SMS (MTN & GLO) TEXT your own 6 numbers between 1-40 to 42663 for example 1,2,10,20,30,40 or TEXT 1 to 42663 for the system to select your numbers for you. Each ticket gives you four (4) ways to win a prize. In order to win the jackpot (first prize), a player must correctly match all winning 6 numbers for a particular draw.

Where can I purchase PLENTYMILLIONS™ ticket

PLENTYMILLIONS™ tickets can be purchased online at the games website Tickets can also be purchased by SMS TEXT your own 6 numbers between 1-40 to 42663 for example 1,2,10,20,30,40.

How much does a PLENTYMILLIONS™ ticket cost

Each PLENTYMILLIONS™ ticket cost N50.00 (N60.00 on GLO network)

Can I cancel my PLENTYMILLIONS™ ticket after purchase

No, PLENTYMILLIONS™ tickets cannot be cancelled after purchase.

How do I pay for PLENTYMILLIONS™ tickets

If you play through SMS, the ticket cost is debited from your airtime. If you get ticket through GTB or Zenith, payment is directly from your bank account.

How long do players have to claim prizes

According to the Act, players have 180 days to claim their prizes after each draw.

How will players find out they have won?

Winning lottery numbers will be published after each draw on our website and and on Instagram @plentymillion and on Wazobia TV Channel 57 Abuja in select National Newspapers. Additionally some radio stations might announce the results of each PLENTYMILLIONS™ draw.

How will PLENTYMILLIONS™ winners collect their prizes

Winners are paid directly through Diamond Bank Yello Account (DYA) for MTN subscribers only or First Bank mobile money for other networks.


A Player must be 18 years and above to be eligible to play PlentyMillions National Lottery games.

The Nigerian National Lottery games offered on this website are promoted by EG&H Integrated Concepts LTD under a national lottery license granted by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission as regulated by the National Lottery Act of 2005 and as duly amended